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Embrace the Latest Luxury Home Trends with Smart Lighting


Give Your Space an Added Touch of Elegance and Convenience

Everything in your luxury home was likely planned out down to the last detail to give it the right look and feel. As new interior design trends come around, it may be tempting to start it all over from the bottom up. Though some trends –like mismatched kitchen cabinets and expansive bathroom spaces—will require a sizeable upgrade to your Petaluma, CA home, others just require a few tweaks. In some cases, all it takes is changing the color of the walls or making adjustments through your lighting control system. That’s because no piece of technology is more transformative than the right lighting solution. 

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Convenience and Simplicity

The biggest interior design trend of 2016 is a push for convenience and simplicity. How does this link back to your smart lighting solution? You can remove most of the light switches cluttering up your wall and manage your lights on an elegant touchpad or mobile device. Instead of having to walk from room to room to manage your lights, it’s all centralized on an intuitive user interface on the control device of your choice.

LED Lighting

Design trends have also sped up the emergence of LED lighting in place of incandescent lights. Smart lighting solutions typically use LED lights since they offer more control options, letting you adjust their intensity and color through your user interface. LED lights are also much more energy efficient, an important factor for clients that have become more environmentally conscious in recent years. While incandescent bulbs on average use up 60 watts, LED bulbs use up 6-8 watts.

Sustainable Living

Both designers and architects have pushed for sustainable living solutions, beyond just upgrading to LED lights. One of the most popular ways to reduce energy use within a home is installing a smart lighting solution. Through intuitive control of you lights, you can ensure you’re not wasting resources. For example, occupancy sensors can immediately turn off lights in unoccupied rooms. You can also reduce energy use by dimming lights. Lights don’t often have to be at 100 percent intensity to be efficient. Find the settings that make the most sense in each room and pull them up again at the press of a button.

Soft Modern Designs

Modern architecture remains popular, but clients are pushing back against some of its harsher elements. To add a bit of warmth to these spaces, designers have opted for warmer wall colors and dark metal finishes. You can also counteract the sterile feel associated with some modern designs through your lighting control. Dim your light intensity to make the space seem more intimate or adjust the color, opting for a soft yellow tone instead of white.

A smart lighting control system is not only about day-to-day efficiency; it can also be a great design tool when you are looking to make style upgrades to your luxury home. Contact Lavish Automation for a custom solution specifically designed with your needs in mind. 

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