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What Does a Lutron Lighting Solution Have to Offer?


Find Out How Your Home Can Benefit From Smart Lighting Control

Ranging from smart thermostats to smart refrigerators, companies are coming up with new devices for your Sonoma, CA home every day. Which is why we’re here to showcase some of our favorite smart technology solutions so it’s easier for you to figure out which make the most sense to you. One of our favorites is Lutron lighting control which makes it easy to manage all your home's lights. In this blog, we showcase some of the company's history as well as its best lighting control features.

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Experience of Excellence

Unlike many of the new startups common to the smart technology industry, Lutron has been around for more than half a century. It was founded in 1959 when Joel Spira designed the first residential wall switch dimmer. The newfound manipulation of light brought energy savings and elegance to homes throughout the United States. Since then, Spira and his successors have been committed to creating lighting control solutions for both residential and commercial spaces. The company now holds more than 2,700 patents and offers over 15,000 products.

Personalized Control

What makes Lutron lighting standout is that it offers solutions for any situation. You can start with a dimmer, just like Spira did, or expand to whole-home solutions. You decide not only how large you want your system to be, but how you manage it as well. You can go with elegant touchpads, personalized keypads, or traditional switches. Through the Lutron app, you can also get access from the smart device of your choice whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet. Another benefit of using the app is that you can even manage your lights when you’re not home.

Stylish Options

From the start, Lutron has stressed the aesthetic benefits of lighting control as well. Not only does intuitive control help you highlight your best features, but your control devices can also be incorporated into your interior design. Lutron’s architectural style switches and keypads come in eight different colors including ivory, gray, sienna and black. These can come in matte, metal, or aluminum finishes. The company also has a great variety when it comes to its smart shading solutions, offering more than 1,500 fabrics in almost every color.

Hands-Free Solutions

Lutron also offers a hands-off approach. The most common way to do this is through the use of occupancy sensors: your Lutron lighting system will automatically turn off lights in unused rooms. You can also have lights turn on when unwanted activity is detected outside to get better security footage. Photo sensors help you balance the amount of natural and artificial light in your home. During the brightest times of day, shades open and lights dim automatically. Finally, you can link your Lutron system to Amazon’s Alexa to control your lights via voice commands.

Are you interested in bringing a Lutron lighting solution into your home? Contact us to set up a consultation.

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