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GamuT and Lavish - Music Event


Join Us on Sept 30th or Oct 1st from 4-8 pm

Listen to Music with the GamuT and Lavish HiFi.

Join us for a special listening event featuring the premiere of GamuT’s new flagship speaker, the Zodiac, and guest appearances from GamuT’s chief designer Benno Baun Meldgaard and U.S. president Michael Vamos.

Join us at 1044 4th Street in Santa Rosa on Friday, September 30th 4-8 pm and Saturday, October 1st 4-8 pm.

GamuT & Lavish HiFi

Invites you to two memorable evenings

Introducing GamuT’s new flagship speaker


GamuT’s Chief Engineer Benno Baun Meldgaard

will be on hand both evenings playing from his personal musical library

and playing through

GamuT’s M250i mono amps & D3i Preamp

GamuT’s new complete line of Reference cables

Lavish HiFi will serve libations and appetizers 

it is sure to be a magical musical evening

Space is limited, please RSVP to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 707-595-2020 

Natural Fidelity & Presence - Natural Beauty

Bespoke handcrafted state-of-the-art audio components – loudspeakers, amplifiers  cables - handcrafted in Denmark since 1982.

Gamut has been quietly at the forefront of designing phenomenally musical audio systems for quite some time. In fact, Gamut pioneered the curved cabinetry manufacturing process now used by some of the world’s most successful high-end loudspeaker brands. 

GamuT started building amplifiers for recording studios in the early eighties. Most of the amplifiers built back then are still being used today. Thus GamuT and its unique proprietary single MosFet technology were born.

A close marriage of art and science, the finest materials, immaculate craftsmanship and fanatical attention to details are key attributes of every world-class musical instrument. the same level of fanatical attention, care and expertise goes into the creation of every Gamut loudspeaker, Gamut amp and Gamut cables. And, like a musical instrument, every last detail of their design serves a specific sonic function.

At Gamut, we believe that a dynamic, life-like sound is best achieved by seeking to master the art of channelling the natural properties of sound so that its energies and vibrations work for you and not against you. The Tao of sound, if you like.


The Zodiac is a cost-no-object, limited edition ‘masterpiece - Our Mona Lisa - if you like. A work of art is not mass produced and the Zodiac is no exception. Just 12 pairs will be crafted each year, one per month, each will bear the relevant sign of the astrological zodiac.

What if there were no limits? What if we took loudspeaker design and engineering to the ultimate, removing any and all constraints – including price – to create a genuine musical masterpiece, pouring every ounce of our expertise and drawing on decades of psychoacoustics experience, research and development.

  • A true ‘cost no object’ loudspeaker.
  • Only 12 pairs to be built each year (one per month/sign of the zodiac).
  • Extended frequency response of 16Hz to 60kHz.
  • Phase-aligned drive units from 400Hz to 12kHz for pin-point soundstaging and flawless timing.
  • All drive units have been newly custom-designed to deliver phenomenal dynamic response.
  • Highly complex cabinet showcases a new system of internal spacing, semi-separated by bespoke acoustic filters for impeccable impulse response.
  • The all-important crossover features superlative quality components sourced from Danish experts Janzen Audio.
  • The personal touch: Gamut’s Chief Designer Benno Meldgaard will visit each owner to fine-tune the Zodiac in the customer’s listening room.

The body of a Gamut loudspeaker is so much more than a simple cabinet or enclosure. Like the body of a Stradivari violin or a Steinway piano, it is both strikingly simple and highly complex. Marrying impeccable materials with obsessive craftsmanship, it certainly looks stunning but the real beauty, just like with a fine musical instrument, lies in what it brings to the quality of sound.

We use real wood throughout, and not just any wood. Ours is hand-selected, from a Latvian sustainable forest, for its acoustic properties. It’s then crafted into GamuT unique and gorgeous speaker bodies.

The curved boat-tail shape that tapers to the rear neatly avoids the parallel surfaces found in a standard box format and so it sidesteps much of the problem of internal sonic reflections and instead allows resonances to be effectively dispersed. 

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