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Fyne Thinking

  • One of the things we love here at Lavish is the opportunity to get to know – and use – new equipment. We’re especially excited to announce that we’re participating in the U.S. product launch of Fyne Audio. Having first hit the European market in 2017, the Scottish company has already taken the HiFi world by storm, winning hearts and awards on every continent. You’ll be amazed by the sound quality of these speakers and how close they bring you to the music.
  • To showcase the latest additions to our lineup, we’re featuring a special Scottish pairing with a distinct emphasis on time. We’ve matched Fyne Audio’s F502 speakers with the Linn Majik DSM for a must-hear auditory experience.


Majik DSM

  • The Majik DSM is a precision-engineered, all-in-one system that can handle the complexities of modern digital filtering in a very low noise environment. The result? A delicate maintenance of special cues that are so essential to believable playback. The Majik combines a state-of-the-art network music player, pre-amp, and power amp in one convenient package, and can handle any type of audio playback from online streaming to local tracks from your own music library. The Linn Majik can also serve as the heart of your living room sound system, featuring 4K HDMI switching for an exceptional cinematic experience while watching TV and movies.
Linn Majik DSM

Fyne F502

  • Fyne’s F502 floor-standing loudspeakers are the perfect complement to the Majik DSM with their signature clarity, articulation, and visceral bass. They offer incredible immediacy while keeping the fragile time element intact. The F502s are suitable for any listening environment and are capable of an extensive dynamic range, even when played at low volumes in small rooms. They’re easy on the eyes, too, featuring a luxurious finish, real wood veneer, and a gently curved front and rear baffle that reduces coloration of the sound To top it all off, we’ve bi-wired the system with the perfectly matched Wireworld Silver Eclipse 8 speaker cables.
  • This system’s remarkable sound quality belies its relatively modest price point, making it an ideal choice for anyone interested in a “forever system” that won’t break the bank. Or, you could always dream of adding a VTL or Prima Luna tube amp down the line. Stop by our showroom to have a listen to this special pairing. Our audio experts are always happy to offer you a demo, answer your questions, or help you craft the perfect system for your home.
Fyne F502 Dark Oak
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