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digital surveillance systems installation novato ca

Protect your home with a digital surveillance systems installation in Novato CA. The team at Lavish Automation is experienced and skilled at designing and installing systems that include digital surveillance cameras for numerous purposes, from nanny cams to complete external surveillance. These cameras can deter crime, provide an additional level of protection, and increase your sense of wellbeing.

digital surveillance systems installation novato caAt Lavish, we’re able to create a system to suit any budget, starting small with an alarm system and gradually moving out to include video surveillance and more as funding allows. There are any number of reasons to go with digital surveillance systems installation for your Novato home, including keeping an eye on your children as they play in the pool, knowing when to let your nannies or housekeepers into the house, and recording details of crimes on and around your property. The benefit of digital surveillance cameras is that they can be small and discrete, or larger and intentionally noticeable. Digital footage can be downloaded and saved perpetually, allowing you to always have a record of what happened in and around your home. There are no tapes to record over or corrupt, so any information is safe for as long as you need it. Your digital surveillance can be accessed remotely as well, giving you the opportunity to check in on your home when you’re away. When paired with automated door locks, this gives you a great deal of control over the security of your home.

As you can see, you have plenty of options. Each of these options are completely scalable for varying budgets, allowing you to start small and build as you go. Start with a simple alarm system and eventually move to a digital surveillance systems installation. The call is yours, so make it. Lavish Automation currently serves clients in Novato and throughout Sonoma County. Call our headquarters at 707-433-9199 to learn more and make an appointment.

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