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video surveillance installation novato ca

Ready to take the plunge and have video surveillance installation done on your Novato CA property? Lavish Automation can make it happen. Our headquarters, located in Healdsburg, is the central hub where it all happens, from planning out the system to scheduling installation. Our home security systems are multifaceted, incorporating numerous branches of home automation into a seamless whole with a single goal: keeping you and your family safe. We serve customers throughout Sonoma County and will be glad to set up a walkthrough at your home.

video surveillance installation novato caHome automation takes many forms – automated doors, alarm systems, automated lighting, digital video cameras, and even mobile notification in the event of appliance malfunction. No matter where you are, your automated system will let you know if the fire alarm has gone off or the water heater had to do an automatic shut-down to prevent flooding. You’ll never have to wonder if you forgot to lock the door because you’ll be able to access and lock any exterior door in your home from your smart device, whether you’re at work or on vacation. Someone at the door? Have a video surveillance installation done that includes a camera at the front door of your Novato home so you can see who it is without having to approach the door. Your home security systems will not only keep you informed about every single activity occurring in and around your home, it will also help you stay energy-efficient by managing your home’s temperature and lighting control throughout the day. Concerned about break-ins or vandalism? With automated motion-sensitive lighting, you can deter potential criminals on your property by flipping on a light.

As you can see, you have plenty of options. Each of these options are completely scalable for varying budgets, allowing you to start small and build as you go. Start with a simple alarm system and eventually move to a video surveillance system. The call is yours, so make it. Lavish Automation currently serves clients in Novato and throughout Sonoma County. Call our headquarters at 707-433-9199 to learn more and make an appointment.

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