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Home Security Installation Sonoma CA

Get the most out of the home security installation at your Sonoma CA home when you work with Lavish Automation. We’re Sonoma County’s leading home automation design and installation service, serving businesses and homeowners throughout the area. Our highly qualified team takes your needs into account while installing home security systems, including whether you’d like video surveillance installation that you can access from anywhere, even remotely.

Feel Safe with Home Security Systems

Your home should always feel like a safe space. In order to help you maintain that feeling of security, the Lavish home automation team works with the best brands on the market today to design home security systems that cover you from every possible angle and give you complete control over your home. As technology advances, we’re afforded more opportunities to control an entire security system directly from a smart device, whether that’s a tablet by your bedside or the smartphone you take with you everywhere. Whether you’re at work or on vacation, you’re able to check your security feeds and even lock your door remotely. Need to let in the babysitter or housekeeper? Do so from your phone and lock the door behind them.

A Lavish home security installation in Sonoma can include any number of elements and is completely scalable. You might choose to start with an alarm system and automated door locks, then scale up to motion detection and video surveillance as needed or as your budget allows. If vandalism or break-ins are a concern, you can adjust your automated home lighting to turn on at specific times or whenever it detects motion at the perimeter of your home. View video feeds from the comfort of your own bed or check in on the kids as they play outside.

Give us a call at our Healdsburg headquarters to set up an appointment to discuss your needs and budget. You can reach us at 707-433-9199 during normal business hours. Our home automation experts offer home security installation throughout Sonoma County.