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Smart Lighting Solutions Sonoma CA

Your imagination is the limit when it comes to smart lighting solutions for your Sonoma CA home. Enjoy complete control over the lighting in every room of your home with a centralized control hub accessible from your smart device. You may prefer the convenience of a voice control light which responds to your dimming or brightening commands, or automated shade control for your windows that adjusts with the sunlight throughout the day. Whatever you envision for your home, Lavish Automation can create a custom home lighting design that will meet your needs.

Adjust Lighting in Any Part of your Home

Never again will you have to worry about stubbed toes while navigating a dark hallway in the middle of the night. From the comfort of your bed, all you need do is adjust the lighting in any room of your home from a smartphone or tablet. Motion sensors are another option, with the added functionality of alerting you when there’s movement outside the home. The possibilities of smart lighting solutions in Sonoma County are endless and we’ve seen any number of combinations, from multicolored outdoor pool lighting to dimmers throughout a home. When integrated with other smart home solutions, lighting can be programmed to specific profiles based on the preferences of whoever’s home or the time of day. Conserve energy during daylight hours by ensuring the lights are off no matter where you are thanks to your automation system’s mobile platform. Wherever your smartphone goes, you still maintain complete control.

Automated systems are completely flexible based on your budget and your needs, and they can be easily incorporated with other systems. A voice control light is easily accessed via Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri, or Google Assistant. Set your lights to dim for an intimate dinner, bring them all up in the early morning hours, or bring out the party colors while you’re entertaining.

Lavish Automation is proud to provide smart lighting solutions to homeowners throughout Sonoma County. Our headquarter office is located in Healdsburg and you can reach us at 707-433-9199 Monday through Friday during normal business hours to set up a consultation with our design team.