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Lutron Homeworks Santa Rosa CA

Set up an installation for Lutron Homeworks systems in your Santa Rosa CA home right here at Lavish Automation, conveniently located on 4th Street downtown. We’re especially fond of the Lutron RadioRA 2 System, a complete smart home system that offers customization for shades, lighting, and temperature control. With wireless shades or drapes, electric lights, thermostats, and motion sensors, Lutron offers total home control.

One of the things we love most about installing Lutron Homeworks for our Santa Rosa clients is that it’s such a scalable, flexible system. You can start with one element, like lighting, and gradually add on other systems according to your liking or your budget. All of the elements are controlled using the same central Lutran RadioRA 2 system, so it’s only a matter of connecting new elements. Once the system’s in place, you’ll have complete control over the light and temperature within your home, from managing the shades to block midday sun to lighting up your path when you get home from work.

The system is accessible remotely, allowing you to turn lights on and off from anywhere, including your driveway, office, or even a vacation spot on the other side of the country. Never worry about stumbling through a dark hallway again thanks to Lutron’s Clear Connect RF technology. It’s always reliable and accurate, giving you peace of mind that you’ll never be fumbling with a complicated system. Set your home to your ideal temperature based on the time of year and who’s home, from heat in the morning to full air conditioning in the early evening. The system is completely customizable to suit your unique family’s needs.

For all of your home automation needs, you can reach out to us anytime at 707-595-2020 to set up an appointment. Our showroom is located on 4th Street and you can view our hours right here on our website. For more information about Lutron Homeworks for your Santa Rosa home or business, please reach out.