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Home Automation Company Santa Rosa CA

Find the North Bay Area’s best home automation company right here in Santa Rosa CA. Lavish Automation is a company on the cutting edge, providing impressive smart home solutions to homeowners and businesses in Santa Rosa and the surrounding cities. Our unique home solutions consider what you and your family need from your home and craft those needs into a customized automated system that delivers a level of control you hadn’t considered possible.

The world is changing fast. Every day, we encounter new conveniences, new technology, and new ways to live. We’re passionate about staying at the forefront of those trends, which is why we decided to start our home automation company in Santa Rosa. This is an area with a constant eye toward the future without losing its passion for the things that make life beautiful, and that’s something we like to accentuate with every job we do. Smart home solutions should uncomplicate your life, not make things more convoluted. Technology is capable of incredible things, which gives us the opportunity to let it take care of the minutia while we enjoy the things that really matter to us. With all of your systems linked through a central computer, you can set profiles for every member of your family based around their schedule so that the home is always welcoming for them. Your security, lighting, sound system, appliances, and more can all be linked to create the perfect environment with one tap on your smart phone or tablet. You can even schedule your ambient temperature to shift throughout the day to conserve energy and optimize comfort.

Would you like to see examples of everything a home automation company can offer? Come see us at our Santa Rosa showroom on Fourth Street or call 707-433-9199 to schedule an appointment. Our team offers full home automation, audio-visual systems, security systems, home and office networks, and much more.