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Lutron Homeworks Windsor CA

We love working with Lutron HomeWorks to automate homes in Windsor CA and throughout Sonoma County. The company is reliable and always makes high-end, cutting-edge products that are ideal for home automation, from adjusting shades and lighting to controlling the thermostat. The Lutron RadioRA 2 System makes the entire process incredible straightforward, allowing our clients to choose from a scalable and flexible system to create a customized automation system for their home that integrates all of their Lutron components in one place.

Home Automation with Lutron RadioRA 2 System

Home automation is a big step into the future for many homeowners. Until recently, it was the stuff of science fiction for most people, but with more advancements in automation technology every year, it’s never been more accessible or affordable. Lutron HomeWorks is a favorite of our Windsor clientele because of its seamless integration and ability to offer total home control, and it’s completely flexible so it can work in virtually any home. It allows you safety and comfort both inside and outside the home with the ability to turn on your lights from the garage when you get home or even from your bed in the middle of the night. No more stumbling through a dark house! The Lutron RadioRA 2 System offers Lutron’s patented Clear Connect RF technology that keeps your system reliable and accurate, each and every time you use it. Wireless automation can be expanded to include shades, lighting, temperature control, motion sensors, and even more. Everything is easily controlled from a panel or smart device so you have complete control no matter where you are.

Lutron is a great base system for full home automation including security and entertainment. It can be combined with video surveillance systems, home theaters, and wireless speakers throughout the home. At our showroom in Santa Rosa, we can offer a consultation and show you examples of our work so you can make the best decision for your home. We’re happy to provide Lutron HomeWorks and much more to our clientele in Windsor and beyond. Give our team a call at 707-433-9199 to set up an appointment today.