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Multi Room Audio Installation Santa Rosa CA

Fill your home with music with a multi room audio installation from your favorite Santa Rosa CA automation contractors at Lavish Automation! We work with brands you know and love like Sony, Apple, Sonos, and more to create a multi room audio system that works in your home, whether you’d like light music to play during dinner or want to make sure guests in the kitchen can hear audio from the football game while they’re grabbing a snack.

Your beautiful home should feature plenty of beautiful sound, and with the high-resolution speaker systems available today, Lavish Automation can make that happen. There’s no one-size-fits all multi room audio installation for Santa Rosa homes – each one is different. Your professional installer should take the unique acoustics of your home into account to reduce unwanted echoes and reverberations as much as possible and ensure you’re getting the most out of your sound system. Our team is happy to help design and install aesthetic acoustical materials in your home that match your décor and ensure you hear your music as its meant to be heard. With a multi room audio system, every room can be configured individually and controlled from a single device, like a universal remote or smart phone. Every member of the family can play their own music, or you can play soft jazz in the dining room while guests outside enjoy party music. With all the music streaming services available today, your options are practically endless. Our team also provides wi-fi installation so that you can access your favorite songs from anywhere in the home.

Would you like to take your home’s sound system to the next level? We can help. Call 707-433-9199 to speak with a member of our team about multi room audio installation in the Santa Rosa area, or come visit our showroom on 4th Street to see examples of our work. If you have any questions, please let us know!