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Multi Room Audio Installation Windsor CA

What are the benefits of getting multi room audio installation for your Windsor CA home? Where should we begin? It’s never been easier or more affordable to craft your home into a convenient automated space and incredible party destination all rolled into one great package. Until now, you may have only been operating with a single stereo system, or perhaps just portable Bluetooth speakers and your smartphone. That’s all well and good when you’re in an apartment, but for a house, you really can’t beat a multi room audio system.

Multi Room Audio System that works for you

You’ve likely heard of a few of the wireless audio systems currently available, like systems by Apple and Sonos. There are many more possible systems, but Sonos in particular is very affordable. It works via a centralized hub, or “bridge,” which attaches to your modem or router. From there, the wireless speakers can be linked up throughout your home – one for every room in your house if you so choose. When we do a multi room audio installation for Windsor clients, we start with a consultation followed by a walkthrough of your home so we can determine what will work best for your space. You may need some speakers to be mounted on the walls, or additional acoustic material installed to give you the best sound. Every room in your home likely has unique acoustics, which means your multi room audio system should account for that so that you can avoid conflicting sound or poor sound quality. Multi room speakers are incredibly versatile, allowing you the ability to play different music in every room during a party, specific children’s songs in the playroom, or even live commentary during a sports event. Your guests will never have to wonder what’s going on when they get up to get a drink again!

The possibilities are truly endless, and our team is happy to meet with you to discuss the multi room audio installation that will work for your space, budget, and needs. Call us at 707-595-2020 to make an appointment today. While you’re here, we can also discuss other audiovisual options, such as creating a dedicated home theater or music room with hi-fi stereo equipment. The other branch of our business, Lavish Automation, is located in Healdsburg and offers full home automation for lighting, temperature control, security, and much more.