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VTL Amplifiers Santa Rosa

If you’re looking for world-renowned high-powered, high-performance tube amplifiers that offer stunning music reproduction, look no further than VTL amplifiers. VTL amps produce dynamic sound and are extremely user-friendly. Their equipment is reliable, made in the USA, and features durable components made to last a lifetime. With over 20 years in the home audio business and 20 years of experience in the music recording industry, VTL has a solid heritage based in musical sound quality and reliability. Stop by the Lavish showroom in downtown Santa Rosa to experience the superior sound for yourself.

Whether you’re in the market for a stereo amplifier, a monoblock amplifier, or a preamplifier, you’re sure to find what you need at Lavish. The S-200 Signature stereo amplifier has long been the choice of music lovers who are interested in excellent sound at an affordable price. These VTL amplifiers are built with space considerations in mind and have the same features and functionality of some of the higher tier models at a fraction of the price. Some of the many features include fully balanced differential input stage drives, a differential phase splitter, VTL’s SmartTube technology with automatic bias adjustment and fault sensing, and a user adjustable Damping Factor feedback control.

Experience The Best Performance Available

The MB-450 Signature Series III monoblock amplifier offers outstanding performance and value. It features many upgrades from previous models, including a shorter, faster, and fully balanced negative feedback loop, which completely eliminates ringing. It requires no capacitor compensation to maintain phase integrity and information, so it remains stable with even the most demanding loads. MB-450 VTL amplifiers also feature the adjustable Damping Factor feedback control, which allows you to adjust the amplifier’s output impedance to suit your listening tastes.

Looking for a preamplifier? The TL-5.5 Series II Signature tube preamp offers outstanding performance at an economical price. The TL 5.5 includes many of the great features of other VTL preamps but has been updated with improved engineering. It uses a simple circuit topology with low negative feedback and a high current/low impedance output stage in a low-noise microprocessor design. Plus, it has top-quality parts, an intuitive user interface, and a fully-functional remote. The preamp is sleek, visually striking, and adds excellent aesthetics to any sound system.

Come hear the difference a VTL amplifier can make in your system. We carry everything you need everything you need to create the sound system of your dreams, including subwoofers, speakers, cabling, furniture, and accessories. Give us a call today at 707-595-2020 or stop by our showroom in downtown Santa Rosa.

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