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Wifi Installation Services Santa Rosa CA

Lavish Automation provides wifi installation services for Santa Rosa CA homes and businesses so that you can get the most out of your technology. We aim to provide local families and business owners with easy-to-use and professional home automation, from security systems to home entertainment. Our installation services include wifi networks, network security, intercom & phone systems, paging systems, cellular boosting, video conferencing, voice recognition, and cloud computing.

Your network is the central nervous system of your home or office, linking everything together and allowing you to control it from a single location with ease. Technology grows exponentially every year and we keep that in mind with every system we install. The wifi installation services we provide to our Santa Rosa clients will keep up with not only today’s technology, but tomorrow’s, as well. A suitable system should be able to handle all of your automation needs, from televisions and sound systems to telephones and security. We coordinate with our clients’ Internet Service Providers to ensure the wifi networks we install offer high reliability and high speed so that you’re not left wanting more. It’s vital to balance the amount of data being constantly downloaded, uploaded, streamed, and utilized throughout a home or office and adjust the system’s capabilities accordingly. You can rely on us to create a secure network with the powerful routers, switches, and access points you need to get the most out of all of your technology. We can even ensure you get better cell and network coverage from your ISP by including a cellular booster signal so that you’ll never worry about dropping a client call again.

Whatever you need to get your home or office running smoothly, Lavish Automation is here to help. Call us at 707-433-9199 to ask about our wifi installation service in Santa Rosa or come visit us in our local showroom on 4th Street. In addition to network installation, we also install sound systems, home theaters, video surveillance, automated lighting, and much more. Make your home smarter today!