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Anthem Santa Rosa

Anthem has been manufacturing award-winning, high-performance audio-visual equipment for more than two decades. Their reputation in the AV industry is legendary, and their equipment remains among the top choices of professional musicians and engineers worldwide. Anthem is famous for giving you the experience of “being there,” whether you’re listening to music or watching a movie. The sound quality is crisp, clear, and true to life.

At Lavish, we carry a selection of Anthem power amplifiers (integrated and multichannel) and receivers, as well as the AVM 60 preamp and the ARC Room Correction System. The ARC is like having your own advanced audio lab. Even when your speakers are set up perfectly, the audio can be distorted by the room’s size, structure, or furniture. The ARC compensates for these factors by adjusting and optimizing the sound coming from each speaker, allowing you to customize your system for the best performance possible in any room.

Anthem electronics have become synonymous with exceptional value, quality, and reliability. If you’d like to see our selection or have a listen to the equipment firsthand, stop by our showroom in downtown Santa Rosa. We’d be happy to arrange a demo and answer any questions.

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