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Audio Home Installation Sonoma CA

Get quality audio home installation for your Sonoma CA property and make your house the place to be for all things entertainment. At Lavish Hi-Fi and Lavish Automation, our team of professional audio contractors will design and install a customized system that delivers everything you need, tailored to your unique home. Your audio system installation should be completely stress-free, so let us take care of everything.

Audio Contractor that you Can Trust

Creating a top-tier audio experience is about so much more than plugging in a few speakers. Great gear really lets you hear the musician’s heart, bringing in all the nuances that get lost when you listen on mediocre equipment. When we do an audio home installation in Sonoma, we start with a walkthrough of your residence to get the full scope of the job and identify areas that would benefit from enhancements like the installation of additional acoustic material. Once we have the layout of the home down, we can start the planning process. This is the fun part. We invite our customers to meet with our design team to discuss goals, budget, and which products will work best for the environment. You may want a dedicated music room or a wireless speaker system set up throughout the house. Your personal needs and goals will determine the extent of your audio home installation, as well as the equipment used. We work with a variety of high-end brands to bring the best sound and most efficient home automation to you. Some names you may recognize include Apple, Sonos, Sony, Savant, SVS, Bluesound, REL, and much more. Enjoy your music as it was meant to be heard from anywhere in your home.

To get started, we recommend you call ahead to make an appointment at our Santa Rosa showroom. You can reach us at 707-595-2020 to set it up and our team will be happy to meet with you and begin the process. We offer audio home installation to homeowners throughout Sonoma County, including home theaters, automated speakers, music rooms, intercom systems, and much more.