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Home Theater Installation Sonoma CA

Find your source for home theater installation in Sonoma CA right next door at Lavish Automation and Lavish Hi-Fi. We’re your best choice in the county for home automation and high-end audiovisual installations, from lighting and security to surround sound and high-definition video. Our team of experienced AV professionals can work in any type of home and come up with a solution that matches your budget, whether you’re looking for your first entertainment system or the home cinema of your dreams. All you have to do is search for “home theater installation near me” and you’ll find us.

We Offer a Full Catalog of Top Brands

Sonoma County is no stranger to beautiful homes overlooking beautiful scenery. Many homeowners in the area enjoy a high level of home customization. As automation technology improves, more and more options open up that offer complete control over the home. The entertainment systems of yesteryear may have consisted of an analog television, a pair of speakers, and a DVD player if you were really fancy and ahead of the times. These days, you can enjoy all the benefits of a luxury movie theater in the comfort of your own home. Home theater installation at your Sonoma residence is straightforward and totally customizable to give you exactly what you want. Whether you’re a film buff or a major sports fan, you can enjoy custom sound and picture profiles that make you feel like you’re right in the middle of the action. We’ll send a member of our design or installation team out to access your space and discuss your options with you, including automated lighting and multiroom sound systems where needed. We even install additional acoustic materials for your theater to ensure you get the best quality of sound no matter what you watch. Whatever you need, you can trust us – we’re very good at what we do. There’s a reason we show up right away when you look for home theater installation near you.

Our Lavish Hi-Fi showroom for hi-fi music and home theater installation is located in Santa Rosa, central to Sonoma County. You can reach us to set up an appointment at 707-595-2020. We offer a full catalog of top brands, from affordable to professional and hard-to-find. Give us a call today!