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4 Reasons to Avoid a DIY Smart Home Installation


Opt for a Professional Installation for a More Efficient, Reliable Home

Smart home products are available for almost every function from climate control to security. Right now you can buy a lot of them off the shelf at your local retail store and install them yourself. You'll still benefit from each product, but won't really create a smart home environment. Likely you'll end up with a situation in which these devices are working in isolation, instead of working together for optimal results. A professional home automation system helps you create a comprehensive solution in which all the technology in your Sonoma, CA home works together for added efficiency.

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Failing to Plan for Your Smart Home

The problem with many DIY approaches is that they’re reactionary. Users buy the latest devices without taking into account whether they actually need them or how they should fit within their homes. All professional installations begin with a thorough consultation and planning process to figure out what technology you should include, in what areas of your home you want to have it, and how you want to manage it.

Getting Stuck With Incompatible Devices

One of the biggest complaints people have when they begin integrating smart technology into their homes is that it never seems to want to work together. The benefit of a home automation system is that it’s specifically designed to place all your technology under one umbrella. Your custom integrator serves as an advisor, letting you know which products work well with each other so that communication is seamless within your smart home.

Creating an Overcomplicated System

DIY approaches can become a weird web of different devices, with users having to alternate between separate apps to get everything to work. With a professional installation, everything is accessible from an intuitive user interface on a tablet, smartphone or touchpad. With the right programming foundation, it’s also easy to add new technology or rooms to your system in the future.

Relying on an Outdated Network

You've bought a bunch of smart devices and followed all the instructions but they're still not working as planned. While it may be tempting to blame your new purchases, the real problem may be your home network. Initially designed to handle a few computers, your system finds itself overloaded with the additional traffic.
As part of your smart home installation, you need to make sure that your network is up to the task. From enhancing your router bandwidth to adding new firewalls, we optimize your network so that your new devices can communicate quickly and efficiently. We can even monitor your system remotely to resolve any network issues as soon as they occur.

Let the experts take care of the heavy work while you get to benefit from the added convenience of smart home automation. All it takes to get started is setting up a consultation through our online contact form, live chat, or by calling us at 855-5-LAVISH.

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