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Is McIntosh Audio the Right Fit for Your Home?


Take Advantage of a Variety of High-End Entertainment Solutions

High-fidelity products from McIntosh may be the go-to for audiophiles, but their home audio offerings go well beyond their 2-channel systems. Every part of your Petaluma, CA home can benefit from their array of entertainment solutions from the high-end equipment they're best known for, to their latest wireless speakers. Read on to see some of the many ways McIntosh audio products can enhance your entertainment.

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High-End Audio

Despite its vast array of solutions, McIntosh is still known foremost for its high-end music systems. Their trademark blue and black displays are fixtures in listening rooms worldwide. They offer a variety of amplifiers, pre-amplifiers, CD players, Digital-to-Analog Converters (DACs), and turntables to design top-of-the-line 2-channel systems.

For those who don't want to pick and choose separate components to create a system for scratch, they also offer pre-assembled ones like the SoHo II pictured above. The SoHo II includes two amplifiers, one preamp, a CD player, an AM/FM tuner, room correction technology, a power controller and two XR-100 loudspeakers. The rest of their systems vary primarily on the types and number of amps and speakers included.

Home Theater System

High-end audio serves more than musical purposes. It can also enhance your movie watching experience by bringing unprecedented power and crispness to your home theater. McIntosh offers a variety of amplifiers, processors, and preamps perfect for home theater applications. As with their 2-channel solutions, they offer a variety of pre-designed systems.

Its Reference Home Theater includes the MX160 AV professor, two 1-channel amplifiers, one 2-channel vacuum tube pre-amplifier, one AV player, a CD player, a power controller, and seven loudspeakers. It's designed to handle a traditional 7.1 surround sound setup, though your AV professional can expand the system if needed with additional amplifiers and speakers.

Wireless Audio

With the rise in popularity of streaming services, McIntosh has expanded its line of wireless products in recent years. One of its most popular products is the McAire integrated audio system which uses Airplay to let you stream music from any Apple device. Their R-100 wireless speakers and MB50 streaming players offer added versatility through DTS Play-Fi technology.

DTS Play-Fi lets users stream music from any of their mobile devices—whether Apple or Android. You can listen to music from your personal library or access a variety of popular streaming services that connect directly to Play-Fi including Pandora, Tidal, Sirius XM and Spotify Connect.

Whole-House Audio

McIntosh also offers a variety of multi-zone control systems for whole home applications. Their tube amplifiers like the C2500 can connect to up to three stereo amplifiers that can be switched on and off to distribute to multiple zones. When choosing an amplifier for your system, the MC58 includes four separate stereo zones so you can listen to music throughout your home.

Whether you want to stream your favorite music or design a high-performance 2-channel system, McIntosh offers audio solutions for any need. The experts at Lavish Automation can help you decide which products or systems make the most sense for your home and optimize your installation. To learn more, fill out our online contact form to set up a consultation.

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