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Home Security Installation Santa Rosa CA

Come get your home security installation at a local Santa Rosa CA business and enjoy peace of mind. Lavish Automation offers complete smart home security systems, whether you’d like an alarm or a video surveillance installation. You may want to deter potential home invaders with an alarm and intercom system, or perhaps cameras would make you feel more secure. Whatever your needs and budget, our team will find a solution that works for you.

Even a simple upgrade to the security of your home can help keep you and your family safer. It’s easy enough to change your locks to smart locks and put a camera near the front door so you can check to see who’s there. With a simple touch, use your smart device as a video intercom system to give instructions or ask questions, even if you’re away from home. Receive alerts when your housekeeper or babysitter arrives so you can let them in remotely and reactivate the system once they’re inside. A quality home security installation will protect your Santa Rosa home or property from home invaders, burglars, vandals, and more. Our integrated systems give you even more control, allowing you to trigger lights and audio remotely as an added deterrent. You also have the option of motion-triggered lighting in outdoor spaces, video surveillance wherever you need it, entry access systems, environmental detection, fire and life safety, and special emergency sirens. Home security systems can be easily customized to suit your situation and needs, whether you’re in a small single-family home or a sprawling estate on several acres of land. It’s more than protecting the exterior of the home, it’s also about making sure the people inside are safe from gas leaks, extreme temperatures, fire, and other life-threatening issues. When a smart system detects a potential or current hazard, it can alert the proper authorities and trigger alarms for anyone in the home.

For help with your home security installation, lighting, automation, audio, or home theater installation come visit us at our Santa Rosa showroom. You can also reach our team by calling 707-433-9199 and we’ll be happy to answer questions or make an appointment. Your family’s safety is important to us.