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Smart Lighting Solutions Santa Rosa CA

Find smart lighting solutions at a local Santa Rosa CA company and enjoy a whole new world of ambiance. When you work with Lavish Automation, you may never have to touch a light switch again, and not only because you’re now using a voice control light. Plan for every room of your home or office to create ideal lighting for any situation or time of day. When paired with automated shades and audio systems, your custom house lighting will create the perfect home theater and so much more.

If you love to entertain, you could greatly benefit from a system that requires less maintenance and attention so that you can spend your time on other party prep and enjoying your guests. With smart lighting solutions from our Santa Rosa service center, you can easily set every room in your home or office to the proper light level for entertaining, dining, watching a movie, getting ready in the morning, and any other situation you can come up with. From one central location, usually a tablet or smart phone, you can simply choose the setting you want and the entire home will immediately adjust its lighting to match. For more control, you can select each room individually to dim or raise the lights accordingly. With a voice control light, simply say a command out loud and watch as your home responds. The possibilities are nearly endless!

We offer a variety of lighting samples at our showroom if you’d like to see smart lighting solutions nearby in Santa Rosa. Our team will be happy to answer all your questions when you come in or you can call 707-433-9199 at your convenience. In addition to lighting solutions, we also offer full smart home automation, security systems, home theater setup, networking for home or office, and a range of other services. Please reach out anytime!