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Home Automation Systems Santa Rosa CA

For custom home automation systems in Santa Rosa CA, all you have to do is look in town to find an experienced independent automation company. At Lavish Automation, we believe we can improve our customers’ quality of life through automated and AV technology. The future is now, and we’re inching closer and closer to a world where smart home automation is commonplace. We’re not quite there yet, so you’ll want to work with the best home automation experts in the area to get your home where you’d like it to be.

Smart homes essentially take all of the controllable systems in the home and filter them through a single computer, or control system. From this system, you can monitor and control everything from a single point, oftentimes by using an app on your smartphone or tablet. Home automation systems in Santa Rosa may include lighting control, temperature regulation, security systems, door locks, and even appliances. Our priority is in creating homes that feel more elegant, beautiful, and safe. The first big step is in selecting products and systems that work together seamlessly on the same system, allowing you to easily modify your home’s functionality to suit you and your family. With one touch, you’ll be able to turn off the alarm system, set ideal lighting for the time of day, begin playing music, and adjust the ambient temperature to your liking. The best home automation setups even allow for multiple profiles for each member of the family based around what time everyone gets home or parental controls. Imagine never having to feel around in the dark for a light switch ever again or being able to adjust the air conditioning without leaving the meal you’re preparing in the kitchen. It’s all possible!

Reach out to us at Lavish Automation for anything from custom lighting control to a full surveillance system and more. We can be reached by calling 707-433-9199, or you can visit our showroom on Fourth Street in Santa Rosa. Our team provides complete home automation systems, as well as home theater installation, energy management solutions, telecommunications systems, and more.