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5 Reasons Motorized Shades Are a Great Investment


See What This Simple Technology Upgrade Could Do For Your Home

Homeowners are constantly looking for ways to improve their property with the right technology, from smart thermostats to wireless security cameras. Another great option is installing motorized shades. From protecting your privacy to enhancing your home’s aesthetics, your shades serve many purposes. So why not make them easier to manage? In this blog, we go over the biggest benefits of installing motorized shades in your Santa Rosa, California home. 

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Easier to Control

Children, older family members and those with injuries can struggle to manage traditional shades. With motorized shades, you can raise and lower shades at the press of a button. Choose a controller, whether it’s a traditional remote or a smart device, to adjust all the shades in your home. Once they’re easier to handle, you can also expand their applications. For skylights or windows that span multiple floors, we simplify installation and management.

Save Time on Daily Tasks

Incorporate your motorize shades into a smart home automation system to create pre-set scenes. These scenes let you control multiple fixtures at once to save time on your daily tasks. For example, a “Wake Up” one opens the shades every morning, turns on the lights, and begins playing the news or your favorite playlist. Scenes can be controlled manually or be scheduled to happen at a given time each day. 

Enhance Your Family’s Safety

With centralized control, you can get rid of cords which can be dangerous for children and pets. You can also enhance your family's safety by making it easier to protect your privacy. You don't have to walk up to a window to close shades or worry about some staying open while you’re away. Use a touchpad or smartphone to create an “Away” scene that closes all the shades when you leave.

Reduce Energy Costs

During the summer months, your AC is in overdrive trying to keep your home cool (and in Southern California that can be true most of the year). You can take some of the load off by investing in motorized shades. Schedule your shades to close at the hottest time of day to cool down your home or install photo sensors that automatically close them when windows are hit directly by sunlight.

Expand Your Home’s Style

Take advantage of dual-shade systems. Have two different shades in the same window so you can employ the one that works best for a given occasion. Have a blackout shade to sleep at night and a more stylish sun shade to use during the day.

Lutron shades also protect your interior furnishings or artwork that may be prone to sun damage. And they’re as stylish as they are pragmatic. The company offers thousands of design and color options, so there's sure to be something that matches your home’s unique style.

Are you ready to invest in technology that can enhance your everyday lifestyle while cutting down on your energy costs? Contact Lavish Automation for a consultation. 

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