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5 Reasons We Love Using McIntosh in Our Audio Systems


Find Out Why the Company Is Synonymous With Legendary Performance

The best part of our job is changing the way our clients think about their technology. We don't want it just to be equipment you interact with in your Sonoma, California home, but rather products you really believe in. Which is why we only work with the best manufacturers in the automation, networking and AV industries. We’ve noticed the equipment our clients get attached to the most is the one connecting them to their favorite entertainment. With that in mind, we'd love to show you some of the reasons we’ve made hundreds of clients McIntosh Audio believers.

 A Commitment to Excellence

Since 1949, McIntosh has combined the business of sound with the scientific process to create uniquely powerful products. Though they first broke through in the commercial sector, audiophiles nationwide soon discovered their high-performance equipment was ideal for the home as well. Making its name with power amplifiers, it has since extended its line to include radio tuners, preamplifiers, loudspeakers, turntables, home theater receivers, media streamers and more.

Growing the High-Fidelity Market

One of the reasons McIntosh is so legendary is that it helped create what we currently call the high-fidelity industry. Through their trademark tube technology, they designed some of the first high-performance amplifiers for the home. They have also taken a lot of time to educate the public about the importance of high-fidelity audio. This has made them a recognized authority within the industry, earning them an added level of trust with consumers.

A Legacy of American Sound

McIntosh has played an integral part in American music history. Their amplifiers powered Woodstock in 1969. The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson used a MC240 power amplifier when working on the iconic Pet Sounds, which celebrated its 50th anniversary earlier this year. What would American performance be without some muscle? In 1974, they helped create The Grateful Dead’s “Wall of Sound” complete with 28,000 watts of power.

Unique Hand-Crafted Designs

While the most important part of your stereo system is the quality of the sound, there's also a certain classic aesthetic to it. McIntosh's style also makes it stand out for its simplistic, traditional designs. They have retained their golden buttons and front panel illumination since the 1960's. In later years, they expanded their lines to include additional colors and elegant wood-finishing options.

Truly Reliable Sound

McIntosh equipment is some of the most reliable on the market. Along with the transformer and tube circuitry technology that made them first stand out, they’ve also innovated some of the sturdiest equipment designs. And if you do encounter a problem, they also have a great history of quality service. Call your dealer up to get help resolving any issues or contact McIntosh directly to get more details on your service manual, system schematics, and troubleshooting options.

Are you looking to upgrade the audio in your home? Contact Lavish Automation or visit our showroom to see for yourself why McIntosh Labs is known for legendary performance.

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