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savant santa rosa ca

At Lavish, we carry brands we trust, and we trust SAVANT enough to feature it in our Santa Rosa showroom so our clients can see what an effective control system it is. Since 2005, SAVANT has provided excellent home automation experiences, including the innovation of products that are simple to use, intuitive, and future-friendly. As technology continues to grow and change, SAVANT Home Automation keeps up by incorporating the technology we use every day. You iPhone, iPad, and even your traditional HDTV can quickly become the central hub of your SAVANT Control System, allowing you to control every element of your home from one convenient device.

SAVANT is a luxurious take on home automation now available through our Santa Rosa location to all of our North Bay Area customers. It offers unparalleled convenience for every aspect of your home or business, including climate control, lighting, entertainment systems, security, and more. This system is unique and flexible enough to work in even nontraditional homes and spaces. The automation system can be fitted to control the temperature of your pool and spa, manage your home theater, and much more. SAVANT Home Automation offers unique “SAVANT SCENES” the includes custom streaming playlists, lighting, and ambient temperature based on the time of day or a specific event. Dim the lights and play smooth jazz during a cocktail party or bump up the party music for a summer pool party. The control is fully in your hands! No matter where you are, access your system with your favorite smart device. Check everything from the door locks to the temperature of your wine cellar and adjust accordingly from anywhere in the world. SAVANT can also be set up to send you notifications if something is amiss – perhaps one of the kids left a door unlocked or an appliance is acting up. No matter what, it keeps you in full control of your home.

Lavish Automation has been providing home automation solutions for our clients for more than 19 years and our team of expert designers will be happy to discuss options for your unique space. We highly recommend SAVANT as a brand and a company and will be happy to demonstrate their capabilities for you at our Santa Rosa showroom. Please reach out anytime for any appointment!