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Sonos Home Theater Windsor CA

Choosing a Sonos home theater for your Windsor CA home is as easy as figuring out your needs and deciding Sonos is the right fit. What sets the Sonos home theater set up apart? It’s most well-known for its Sonos wireless speaker systems, which can be place throughout the entirety of a home and give you full control over your ability to entertain. With a high level of customizability, you’re able to play a different playlist in every room of your home if you’d like. Keep the kids happy with child-friendly music in the playroom while you entertain your friends in the kitchen to your favorite rock or R&B hits.

Upgrade yout Home Theater with Sonos Wireless Speakers

While most often used for music, Sonos systems are also fully capable of wirelessly streaming sound from a television or gaming console. If you’re the place that hosts the big Super Bowl party every year, you can easily stream sound from the game live to any room of the house, effectively making sure your guests don’t miss a play when they head to the kitchen for a drink refill. The Sonos home theater is a popular choice for many Windsor homeowners because of its versatility and the inclusion of the new Sonos Beam, which is a compact soundbar for your television. It pairs easily with your television and remote control (or smart device) and offers dialog clarity speech enhancement so you catch every word. It delivers wall-to-wall sound and is excellent for small to medium-sized rooms. The night sound option offers clarity of sound while keeping ambient sounds lower so that you don’t wake everyone in the house with late-night gaming or movie nights. It’s buildable, giving you the option of expanding throughout your home with an additional Sonos wireless speaker at any time. Best of all? It’s completely wireless, giving you the surround sound you want without dozens of wires to conceal. Sonos is also Amazon Alexa compatible for even more control and convenience.

A Sonos home theater is a solid starting piece for the complete automation of your Windsor home. With its voice control capability, you can use the system to control your entertainment, temperature, lighting, and so much more. Please visit our Santa Rosa showroom to see our project examples and learn more about how a Sonos system can revolutionize the way you live. Call 707-595-2020 to make an appointment today.