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lutron santa rosa ca

We love featuring Lutron lighting control in our Santa Rosa showroom demo spaces because of its versatility and the way it works for a variety of spaces. It not only works seamlessly when controlled from a central app or hub, it can also adapt to changing lighting conditions throughout the day. A Lutron Dimmer is automated and can be used both manually or programmed to adjust naturally throughout the day for your convenience. We also love Lutron Caséta, the smart lighting control system that integrates well with Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant, Nest, and any other voice activated automation system your family uses.

With unique profiles integrated into your lighting system, you can easily control a single light or an entire section of your home and set it for unique events, such as dinner lighting, Movie Night, reading light, or after dusk. With a single tap or command, your lighting will be exactly as you like it without endless fiddling with switches or a dimmer. When we demonstrate Lutron at our Santa Rosa showroom, we can show its flexibility and all the ways you can control your lighting remotely to a very fine degree, including bringing up the lights before you get home or adjusting lighting from bed on dark mornings. You can get up and running with a simple starter kit and gradually grow to add another Lutron dimmer or more lighting as needed according to your budget or comfort level. The Lutron Caséta option is even more versatile and can be incorporated into homes of any age and can be used by anyone without needing a phone or other smart device. Even children or people who don’t live in the home can control the lights, and they’re not purely tied to wi-fi, so even if you’re having connectivity issues, you can still use it. It’s one of the many things we truly love about Lutron – they think of everything and still give you the convenience of total lighting control.

At Lavish, we have more than 19 years of experience in creating seamless home automation systems for our clients. We work with everything from foundation to roof, including lighting, environmental control, entertainment systems, sound systems, communication, security, door locks, internet, and much more. We trust Lutron as a brand and have used them for years for our Santa Rosa and other Sonoma County customers. If you have any questions regarding home automation and lighting options, please reach out to us to set up an appointment and see a demonstration at our showroom.